2016 Cannabis Cup Relocates. Where’s Pueblo?

High Times has just announced a new location for the the 2016 Cannabis Cup on Instagram just a few minutes ago (8pm est  02-19-16). Apparently The folks in Pueblo, CO are welcoming large crowds and smoke clouds that come with it. 2016cannabiscuppuebloSo the good news is that it looks like High Times has saved the day at the last minute. The bad news…

If you’ve booked flights at hotels in Denver already then the mad rush is on considering Pueblo is 2 hours south of Denver. 420 festivities will apparently be up to you because its also 2 days shorter ending on the 18th instead of the ever popular stoner holiday 4/20.  Details are still emerging but my advice is move fast to book those hotels because there are only about 20 in Pueblo. The next closest city is going to be about 30 minutes in every direction. The biggest of which is Colorado Springs in between Pueblo and Denver but beware stoners: “The retail purchase and sale of marijuana is not legal in Colorado Springs.” The city government has even set up a Colorado Springs Marijuana Information site for visitors which I would suggest you read if you plan on staying there. Not saying you’ll be hassled but its probably a good idea to know whats going on wherever you’re staying.
Stay Safe! Stay Stoned!

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