Denver Rejects 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup

Denver city officials have a love-hate relationship with legal marijuana. They love the tax revenue and continue to collect the proceeds but they hate that Denver has become the new Mecca for American marijuana users. Apparently $1 Billion dollars in revenue last year still isn’t enough to stop Adams County commissioners from rejecting a permit for the High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Cannabist a subsidary of the Denver Post reports that Denver Merchandise Mart’s permit for April 16-20 has been denied by the commissioners after hearing from Local Sherrif Michael McIntosh.

The commissioners on Tuesday unanimously denied the Denver Merchandise Mart a permit for the April 16-20 event, taking testimony from several law enforcement officials who warned that there were too many people sampling too many cannabis products openly.

“From a safety perspective, I have serious concerns about this event and this venue,” Adams County Sheriff Michael McIntosh told the commission.

With 35,000 people visiting the the Cannabis Cup each day last year this event is without a doubt the largest for the cannabis community. This year Denver Mart co-owner John Doyle spoke with commissioners and said that a new set of rules had been drawn up for this year to control crowd size, with a cap of 15,000 daily visitors imposed. This combined with off-site parking and shuttle buses to “control traffic” was not enough to make the Sheriff or the commissioners agree the event would be safe and warned that there were still too many people sampling too many cannabis products openly.

The Cannabist also reports,

North Metro Drug Task Force Cmdr. Todd Reeves said during last year’s High Times Cannabis Cup, a military vet experienced breathing problems after sampling pot and a female jumped out of a moving vehicle.

He said with the hundreds of vendors expected, the total crowd at the event would be closer to 16,000 daily — exceeding both the event organizer’s suggested cap of 15,000 attendees this year and what fire officials have said is a safe number of people at that site.

Reeves also said High Times and Denver Mart had not addressed the issue of on-site public consumption of pot, which is illegal in Colorado.

High Times’ general counsel Cristina Buccola said she hadn’t yet heard about the denial and declined to speculate on the Cup’s future in Colorado.

ourvotecannabiscupIf you’ve made plans to go to the Cannabis Cup its probably a safe bet that your money hasn’t been wasted. This is just speculation but I’d be very surprised if High Times doesn’t find another county close by that won’t welcome the extra revenue.

Photo Source: Cannabis Destiny – Flickr

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